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^ About

Free Open FTP Face is a lightweight graphical (GTK+) FTP client written in python. It is multiplatform, emphasizes on simplicity and ease of use, while providing a rich set of convenience features.

Features Overview

  • Multiplatform - Runs on Windows, *NIX (BSD, Linux, others)
  • Modern Interface - Carefully designed using GTK+ 2.x widgets
  • Bookmark Manager - Easily manage and test your site connections.
  • Image Viewer - View and zoom images with a very fast viewer
  • Text Viewer - View readme files or quickly go over text
  • Audio Player - Preview audio or create your own playlists
  • Compression - One-click gzip compression and decompression
  • File Checksums - Easy .md5 file creation and verification
  • Terminal Window - Supports OS and FTP commands

FOFF has a built-in terminal, text viewer, image viewer, audio player, checksums and one-click gzip (de)compression. The idea behind the built-in tools, is that regardless of the operating system, you can instantly preview files or perform common operations, since there's no overhead from loading an external program. With the exception of the (optional) audio player, these built in features do not add any dependencies.

Free Open FTP Face is open source software, licensed under the GNU GPL (General Public License).

^ Requirements

FOFF will run on any operating system that can run pygtk (Python bindings for GTK+). You will easily find this on most GNU/Linux systems. For windows, you can grab the GTK+ runtime, Python, and pygtk from these sites, respectively:

When the windows "standalone" .exe version is released, the only requirement for it will be GTK+ runtime, as python and will be "built into it".

^ Downloads

FOFF can be downloaded from the sourceforge.net project files page.

If you like the way FOFF looks, you'll probably like the official FOFF wallpaper (1280x1024).

^ Screenshots

Here's a few screenshots of FOFF in action.



FOFF Copyright ©2006 Jeffrey Bakker